Mexican Food Catering in Iowa: Delicious, Authentic Mexican Dishes for Parties and Events

La Regia Taqueria offers its taco catering service for parties and gatherings in Iowa City. Mexican tacos are hearty, flavorful, and filling — precisely the kinds of food people like to eat when there are big events and celebrations.

Parties are more enjoyable and memorable when there’s plenty of delicious food to choose from. Some people may avoid the dance floor, and many will steer clear of the microphone; but, there’s one place everyone will flock to, and that’s the buffet table. Give your guests a pleasant memory to look back on by serving them our delicious food.

Whether you’re looking for an addition to your buffet table or planning to serve the best tacos in Iowa, our catering staff is ready to fire up the stoves for you. Call us for orders.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our catering service, please complete the form below and our staff will call you within 24 hours. Planning a party in Iowa is easier when you have our Mexican catering service on speed dial. Thank you for choosing La Regia!

Catering for Events Big and Small

La Regia Taqueria sets the bar high for Iowa Mexican catering services. We offer custom catering plans and use only the finest ingredients and freshest produce for our taco bars. You can also count on us to be punctual on the day of your event.

Whether you’re organizing an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, we’ll have your guests satiated, satisfied, and happy. Give us a call or fill out the form below to request a quote.